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Gas in - Electricity out

2022-12-15 18:41

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Gas, electricity and economic fragility








The demand for electricity in any country is arguably (positively) linked to the size/value of the economic activity (no causal relationship, though). A sample of countries would suffice to visualize it (adding many more would not change the overall picture).


How is electricity produced? Which countries are rely the most on low-carbon sources?  The picture below depicts the shift over time towards low-carbon sources in Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States...


The road towards a more sustainable (and less fragile) mix of sources did start at least a decade ago. Although Spain is still somewhat distant from Norway - not present here, but arguably proud of a 99.5% score that anyone can retrieve from ourworldindata.org - it features a remarkable achievement. Italy has been improving over time, but it still lags behind...and the consequence is...


...that if one looks at how much electricity is generated from gas then surprinsingly (perhaps not) Italy turns out to be greatly exposed to the current mayhem in energy markets (via the gas component).

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